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May 13, 2006 - No new cards but we put updated information on House #13, #14, #15, Street #1, and Misc. #4 (127 total cards)

July 30, 2005 - Added 12 more items, all new scenes. 2 Railroad, 2 Street Scenes, 3 Houses, 1 Silver Lake, 2 Businesses, 2 Misc. (127 total cards)

January 29, 2005 - Added 17 more cards, all new scenes. 1 Houses, 4 Railroad, 6 Street Scenes, 3 businesses, 3 scenery. (115 total cards)

Added a link to the Wilmington 275th Anniversary web site. Added updates, and comments to various cards from D. Howe, Peter and Larz Neilson, and "S.W.F". Keep those emails coming!

June 1, 2003 - Added 21 more cards, all new scenes. 1 Misc, 4 Fantasy, 5 Houses, 5 Silver Lake, 1 Scenery, 1 Railroad, 2 Business, 2 Landmarks. (98 total cards)

August 1, 2002 - Thanks to Gerry Duggan, Peter, Stu and Larz Neilson, and James Corum that have emailed me information on some of the scenes. I have added more information to the Woodland Thearte card, Jink's Bridge, B&M Depot and Yards, North Wilmington Station, The Old Wilmington Hemlock, Milligan's Grove, The Tabernacle, Main Street, North Wilmington, and Lake Street Heading East.

Added a link to the Whitfield School Site on the Links page.

July 7, 2002 - Purchased a ton of new cards. Been too busy to update, but will hopefully do so more often. Added cards to every category. Also added a "Fantasy" section with 7 cards, and a Modern section with 5 cards. I doubled the size of the site!

Also updated information that was emailed to me by Larry Howe and Stu Neilson.

Added a links page. (77 total cards)

August 31, 2001 - Created the wilmingtonpc group at yahoo for people who'd like to recieve email updates when I post new cards or pictures to the page. (33 total cards)

June 2001 - Moved to a new web hosting service and put web site back online. Had over 30 postcards in a slide show format. Changed it over to an indexed site as I have another 30 to add. (33 total cards)

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