Main St, Wilmington Mass


Ed Note: This is the intersection of rte 62 and rte 38/129 looking down toward the Plaza.

According to G.D., " It is wilmington center looking north, 1st bldg on right burned. Present bldg was where Center News was located, previously it was the location of Ames news(40's & 50's). 2nd bldg still there, former location of Benny Harrisons radio & tv, 4th bldg(small) was Bob Michaelson's Shoe Store, followed by Scotties Donuts, 5th bldg, former post office, then Bedells Ins office, 6th bldg, roof partially visible is Hiller House, which was moved to back of property, site now parking for fleet bank."

"First bldg on left side was where Wilmington Plumbing was(small part, left rear) main section was where Georges restaurant was(George Spanos was unofficial mayor of Wilmington). that bldg burned early 60's, rebuilt, one story bldg, containes Pooles Bakery, etc, all bldg's on that side up to RR crossing removed for MBTA train parking, original B&M depot(Big Joes) out of sight in this picture and is only bldg remaining on that side.(note trolley tracks in street)"

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