Forest Ave - Wilmington ??

Addressed To: Postmark
Willard F. Hulit
Intervale Maine
R.F.D. 1
Wilmington Mass
(month?) 24, 190X
8 AM

Merry Christmas

Maria E. Holt

Ed Note: This is a strange one. The month is probably December. There is pencil writing on the back that says "Wilmington Mass", but it is not in the same ink as the address or the writing on the front. There is no Forest Ave in Wilmington. There is a Forest Street, perhaps renamed?

On previous pages we note many cards of Wilmington Mass were postmarked in Billerica, Lowell, or even Boston. For all I know this could be Forest Ave anyplace and was mailed in Wilmington. Any help?

Thanks to Alberta MacEachern - "The postcard that says Forest Ave. is indeed just that - Forest Ave. which is now known as Kirk St. My family moved here in 1941 and I recognize the first house on the right to be our home. At one time Wilmington had Forest Ave., Forest St., Forest Ave. Ext. which was quite confusing to say the least. I'm not sure what year we became Kirk St., I think it was probably early 1950. The name on the postcard, "Maria Holt" is also familiar to me. She lived on the last house on the right and was living there when my faily moved here. I am still living on Kirk Street - a house we built in 1969."

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