High School and Library

Addressed To: Postmark
Miss Muriel Judd
36 Winthrop St
Everett MA
Wilmington Mass
November 15, 1907
2 PM

I found your thimble soon after you left, but forgot to take it down. Why don't you come out some day? I have some sad news for you. Mr. Babcock went to New York last week for good. Lothie (?) is in the hospital operated on yesterday. Haven't heard yet. Come out. Thanks for sending postals. _____ when I see you.

Ed Note: This is the same picture as the previous "Center Grammer School" but in 1907 was called the high school. You can see the Fourth of July building on the right. No mention of Massachusetts, but we know this is Wilmington Mass by the picture itself and the postmark.

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