Milligan's Grove, Wilmington, Mass.

Addressed To: Postmark
Mrs Chas. E. Adams
Milford New Hampshire
R.F.D. No. 2
Lowell Mass
July 2, 1917
12:30 PM

I got here ok and am having a good time. Of course we have to consider R's hand. He is very pacient though Mrs. Gilbert is ______ as it is breakfast time must close. Be sure not to worry about my leaving. I will drive him up home either Thurs or Sat morning early for we will have to see when he has to go to the hospital. That has to be considered first. He really isn't over the (ether?) yet.

See you later
Your loving daughter.

Ed Note: Drive? Really? She must have had a good job to be able to afford a car in 1914. Wish I knew what happened to R's hand, I certainly would not want to go to a hospital in 1914!

Thanks to Larz, we know that Milligan's Grove was actually in Tewksbury, right at the Wilmington line, Pines Nursing Home is there now.

And from Peter Neilson ... "Driving is older than motorcars. One drives a horse to a carriage. (I've done it, and am not at all bad at it.) Indeed, horses and horse-drawn carriages have "prior right of way" on Massachusetts roads. Except on expressways constructed only for motor vehicle use (I-93, Mass Pike, Sumner tunnel, etc.) the motor vehicle must yield to the horse-drawn one. No driver's license is needed, either, and there is, as far as I know, no age limit. An 8-year-old kid can legally drive a wagon down the road!"

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