Wilmington, Mass.

Addressed To: Postmark
Mifs (?) Gladys Conant
Chelsea Mass
674 Beradoray
Wilmington Mass
August 16, 1918
8 AM

Wilmington, Aug 15.

Dear Gladys

Grandpa got back allright. Aunty went to Lowell yesterday and there was a sale. She bought 5 dresses for you and one for your mother. One may stay until next _____. John got off to day and went berrying with Pa. They got quite a lot of berries. They are all in to night.

With Love to all

Ed Note: Well at that time, Lowell was the hot spot for all sorts of consumer goods such as clothing and shoes.

According to Larz Neilson: "Mention of berrying - since it was dated 8/15, that couldn't be cranberrying. They're harvested late in the fall. This would refer to blueberries, virtually everywhere in Wilmington, picked in August."

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