Jink's Bridge
Wilmington Mass

Addressed To: Postmark
Mrs. M. F. Woodbury
No. Weare, NH
Boston Mass
September 7, 1909
6 PM

Arrived at the office at 10.05- one half hour later than I expected. Train was late. Went down with Ethel J then Mrs. Baker. I hope your mother is dancing now. She didn't look like it this morning.


Ed Note: According to P.N., "It's on Woburn Street just north of the Portland Division tracks, not far from West Street. The bridge is at the beginning of the Ipswich River. The view is facing upstream, that is, towards the west.
Notice how the bridge is laid of large granite slabs. It would be interesting to check the site and see if they are still there. It's possible to date the cutting of stone by the kind of drill used, because the date of the invention of the star drill (as opposed to the flat chisel) is known. If the cutting holes have round, not square, bottoms, the stone was cut later than that date. 1830 comes to mind, but I'm not sure of it."

And, Larz Neilson: "Old bridge was replaced in 1980's. Stonework shown was laid by Asa Sheldon. This crossing was an ancient ford, actually the closest crossing of the Ipswich to the sea. If you were headed north out of Boston in Colonial times, this was where you crossed the Ipswich." Note the diving board on the left. Probably an old swimming hole.

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