Wilmington Massachusetts
through Postcards

Welcome to my personal collection of postcards and other ephemera from Wilmington Massachusetts. I have been collecting for over 7 years. I have some other items that I will put up on the web site as time permits. Right now, I have scanned over 120 (out of 200+) different postcards in my collection. The earliest postmark I have is from 1906.

I have a bunch of cards from a Lizzie Adams, daughter of Charles E. Adams of Mildford NH. There are a handfull of cards from her to her family back home.

Strangely, I bought a little group of 7 cards from a woman who had them in England! She shipped them back to the states for me and I bought them all from her.

In the postcard's text, you may notice some mispellings, incorrect grammer, etc. I have copied them word for word (except in one exception where they used all small letters and no punctuation!). There are are few words I can not make out. You'll see these as a "_____", or sometimes a (?) after it. I'll scan the backs of the cards and let you try to figure it out. If you can, please let me know. The woman named Lizzie above had a few cards that are horrible to try to figure out.

Please feel free to save the pics, and use them for your personal use. Please do not publish them on commerical sites or in print without my permission.

Well, I hope you enjoy the cards. I am always looking for new ones and I have a few duplicates to trade. Please check back often as I will add new cards as I obtain them.

July 2008 - Sorry for the lack of updates, I will try to update soon, I have at least 50-100 more photos.

email: ernie@wilmingtonusa.com


Updated 5/13/06